The Tay Team The Tay Team My First Apprentice Aimee My First Apprentice and First Van [VW Caddy] ;)) 199006409 My Second Apprentice Marff Marff is my second apprentice and is qualified in Painting and Decorating. She has returned to college to learn plastering and is due to qualify for Plastering this year ;)) 205551646 Two More Apprentices I took on two more apprentices Zoe & Becky, and kept Marff on as a team leader once she qualified ;)) 205551647 5th Apprentice Faye I decided to split the team into two, so we needed another member...Faye joined the team ;)) 205551620 Team Reunion Aimee [my first apprentice] who now works as an assessor at the college came to Assess my team... Lovely to have her back for a day!! ;)) 205551619 6th Apprentice Beth Beth was taken on to replace Zoe... 205551621 Tay Team Vehicles Love my vans...:)) 205551645 My adorable team Night out with my girls for a 21st Birthday 205551622 Love my team...<3 Beth, Marff, Nettie, Faye & Becky 205551623 The Tay Team All of my team are qualified or working towards their P&D qualifications, Plus Marff is also learning to Plaster 205551624 Nettie Eliza Tay Business Owner Diploma in Interior Design Over 30yrs Decorating Experience 205551652 Marff Team Leader Painting & Decorating Qualified Plastering - Qualifies 2019 205551651 Faye Team Leader and Van Driver Painting & Decorating Qualifies 2019 205551648 Becky Painting & Decorating Qualifies 2019 205551649 Beth Painting & Decorating Qualifies 2021 205551650